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Cultural Festival[2017.9.9]

Open School & English Speech [2017.8.23]

English Speech & Recitation Contest[2017.7.25]

Welcome Party [2017.7.15]

PTA News[FUE] No.89 was issued.[2017.7.18]

Soccer club update[2017.7.11]

2017 English Course Orientation[2017.7.3]

Sports Festival 2017[2017.6.10]

Wind Ensemble Activity update [2017.5.9]

PTA's annual meeting[2017.5.2]

Soccer club update[2017.4.28]

About Alumni Event 2017m2017.4.27]

School self-evaluation was updated.m2017.4.15]

Entrance Ceremony 2017 [2017.4.7]

Principal message was updated.[2017.4.7]
The 2017 University examination results was updated.[2017.3.31]
2017 School event was updated.m2017.3.31]

School self-evaluation was updated.m2017.3.3]

Graduation Ceremony 2016m2017.3.1]

PTA News[FUE] No.88 digest was issued.[2017.2.28]
Presentation of our research work [New Sesame Plan]m2017.1.28]

Soccer club update[2017.1.12]

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